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Veradux wearing the stolen medic suit

Veradux is one of the main A.I. characters that you'll encounter during your experience of playing the game. He wears a special combat medic gear that is part of the Z.P.C.U selection. Veradux uses a variety of spells like: "Heroic motivation", "Re-energize" and "Electro bolt". He is not the most strongest of allies and doesn't really have any real main skill, but is an essential character as a healer, that is very helpful in the lower levels of the game. He was the first friend that Sonny met after he was turned into a zombie.

In the Beginning[]

Veradux first met sonny when he escaped from a compound near Ishiguro's rest where Sonny was wondering around, having no choice but to team up, Sonny and Veradux defeat the pursuing ZPCI and later decide to stick together and travel. They later reach their next location which is Gadi'Kala, a small village where they meet a group of shamans under the control of the Shaman Council. Along the way they meet their toughest opponent yet, The Baron, but a ZPCI soldier named Galiant the Paladin sees them and thinking that Sonny and Veradux are fellow soldiers, he fights alongside them. After the battle with The Baron, Veradux tells sonny that they have to kill The Paladin because the he's a part of the ZPCI, and that their job is to kill any monsters (Zombies) like them. While Sonny refuses to betray the Paladin he eventually decides to help kill him.