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The unofficial guide to the popular flash game series Sonny.

Step out of the world of the living and into the shoes of a man turned into a zombie, who am I and what is the purpose of the chaos that is happening? Sonny, as he names himself, sets out to find the answers and harnessing the true extent of his power. Others you will meet along the way will try and hunt you down at all costs, while few may even aid your cause as you may fight alongside them for theirs. Can you truly trust anyone on the long winding road trudged by an outcast? Will you even survive the encounters with those same twisted abominations?

"Welcome to the darkness my children..." —Baron Brixius

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This Wiki page is all about the popular flash game series called "Sonny" & the sequal "Sonny 2" (Obviously...). You can read up on information and statistics on characters & enemies, the different moves and what they can do, expert strategies and pointers on the best ways to beat the sh*t out of your foes, articles about new or upcoming games & updates, and plenty of more Sonny info.

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